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The International Auto/Biography Association

Chapter of the Americas Conference: May 15-17, 2017

Lives Outside the Lines: Gender and Genre in the Americas

A Symposium in Honour of Marlene Kadar

To be held at the Centre for Feminist Research, York University, Toronto. Campus map.

Convened by: Eva C. Karpinski, York U evakarp@yorku.ca, and Ricia Anne Chansky, U of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez ricia.chansky@upr.edu

Conference Manager: Julia Pyryeskina juliapyr@yorku.ca


Daily Schedule


DAY ONE – Monday, MAY 15
8:30 – 9:00 Registration for participants in the Mentorship Workshop – Renaissance Room, Vanier College (VC 001)
9:00 – 12:45 Mentorship Workshop and Luncheon – Renaissance Room, VC 001

Mentorship Prompts

12:30 – 1:00 General Registration Open – Dahdaleh Building (DB 0010)
1:00 – 2:30 Symposium Opening – DB 0010

Welcoming Remarks:

  • Eva C. Karpinski, York U
  • Katherine McPherson, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, York U
  • Alison Crosby, Centre for Feminist Research, York U
  • Ricia Anne Chansky, U of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez
  • Sergio da Silva Barcellos, Independent Scholar

Reading by Marlene Kadar, York U  Tradução em português

Interview & Discussion with Marlene Kadar and Sidonie Smith, U of Michigan

2:45 – 4:15 PLENARY PANEL ONE: Marlene Kadar & Life Writing – DB 0010 – Abstracts

“Marlene Kadar’s Life Writing: Feminist Theory Outside the Lines” Julie Rak, U of Alberta julie.rak@ualberta.ca

“Revising What’s Past: Compassionate Interpretation in the Work of Marlene Kadar and Louise DeSalvo” Julia Galbus, U of Southern Indiana in Evansville jgalbus@usi.edu

“Mar and Me: Following the Traces” Linda Warley, U of Waterloo lwarley@uwaterloo.ca

Moderator: Eva C. Karpinski

4:15 – 4:30 Coffee Break – DB 0010
4:30 – 6:00 Concurrent Panels

Panel 1: Gender and Genre – DB 1004 – Abstracts

“Judy Chicago, the 1960s, and the Metaphor of Sex” Charles Reeve, OCAD University creeve@ocadu.ca

“Literary Translation as Activism” Jennifer Sarah Cooper, U Federal do Rio Grande do Norte jennifersarahj@gmail.com

“Autobiographical Writing of Women Professors: Between the Public and the Private, Reason and Emotion” Maria da Conceição Passeggi, U Federal do Rio Grande do Norte mariapasseggi@gmail.com

Moderator: Lisa Ortiz-Vilarelle

Panel 2: Black Atlantic Lives – DB 1005 – Abstracts

“Masculinity and Migration: The Black Atlantic Lives of Henry Highland Garnet and Peter Thomas Stanford” Barbara McCaskill, U of Georgia bmccaski@uga.edu

“William Aldridge’s and Samuel Whitchurch’s Competing Versions of John Marrant’s Life Story” Eric D. Lamore, U of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez eric.lamore@upr.edu

“Phillis Wheatley’s Imagined Community Through Feminist Letter Writing” Daysha Paola Pinto, U of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez daysha.pinto@upr.edu

Moderator: Angela Ards

Panel 3: Inhabited Geographies of Life Writing – DB 0009 – Abstracts

“Life and Death in the City: AIDS, Neoliberalism, and the Urban Cultural Text” Kyler Chittick, York U kchittic@ualberta.ca

“From Rationing to Ravishing: Crossing Lines in Vancouver” Susan Ingram, York U singram@yorku.ca

“Writing through the Walls: Shirley Jackson, House/Wife” T. Trimble, U of Toronto s.trimble@utoronto.ca

Moderator: Craig Howes

6:30 – 8:30 Opening Reception – Seymour Schulich Building

Sponsored by a/b: Auto/Biography Studies

DAY TWO – Tuesday, MAY 16
8:30 – 10:00 PLENARY PANEL TWO: Collaboration and Friendship – DB 0001 – Abstracts
“‘There’s no redeeming’ but . . .: Conversations with my Daughter” Jeanne Perreault, U of Calgary perreaul@ucalgary.ca

“Kim Thúy’s Ru and the Art of the Anecdote” Helen Buss, U of Calgary hbuss@ucalgary.ca

“Escape from the Colonial Asylum” Patrick D. M. Taylor, York U taylorp@yorku.ca

Moderator: Ricia Anne Chansky

10:00 – 10:15 Coffee Break – DB 0001
10:15 – 11:45 Concurrent Panels

Panel 4: Gender and Migration – DB 1005 – Abstracts
“Childhood Exile: Memories and Returns” Leonor Arfuch, U de Buenos Aires larfuch@yahoo.com.ar

“Women Making Freedom: Rethinking Gender in Caribbean Intra-Regional Migration from a Curaçaoan Perspective” Rose Mary Allen, U of Curaçao adr550@hotmail.com

“Iranian Women’s Autobiographies: Hybridity and Gender in the Diaspora” Farida Abla, Concordia U abla.farida@gmail.com

Moderator: Kari Winter

Panel 5: Black Feminist Intersectional Methodologies for Life Writing – DB 0007 – Abstracts

Alexis McGee Alexis.McGee@utsa.edu, Joycelyn K. Moody joycelyn.moody@utsa.edu, and Keila Taylor Keila.Taylor@utsa.edu, U of  Texas San Antonio

Moderator: Stephanie Evans

Panel 6: Inherited Trauma – Vari Hall 1154Abstracts

“’Hidden in my blood’: Di Brandt and the Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma” Jesse Hutchison, U of Waterloo j6hutchi@uwaterloo.ca

“Crossing Borders with LGBTQ Descendants of Holocaust Survivors Life Writing: History, Trauma, and the Queer Autobiographical” Jacob Evoy, U of Western Ontario jevoy2@uwo.ca

“The Suffering of German Girls in WWII: Rape and Rage in North American Women’s Kriegskinder Memoirs” Doris Wolf, U of Winnipeg d.wolf@uwinnipeg.ca

Moderator: Jeanne Perreault

Panel 7: Intersections of Disability – DB 0001 – Abstracts

“Defining and Redefining One’s Life (and DNA): Disability and Secrets in Lennard J. Davis’ Memoirs My Sense of Silence (2000) and Go Ask Your Father (2009)” Marta J. Lysik, U of Wroclaw marta.lysik@uwr.edu.pl“Crip Intrusions: Affect-ive Readings of Disability” Sydney Neuman, York U srneuman@gmail.com

“Disability Daily Drawn” JoAnn Purcell, York U jpurcell@yorku.ca

Moderator: Allyson Day

Noon – 1:15 Artists Talk with light lunch – Winters Art Gallery, 129 Winters College
1:30 – 3:00 Concurrent Panels

Panel 8: Responses to Trauma – VH 1154 – Abstracts
“True Crime: The Documentary Aesthetics of Maggie Nelson and Taryn Simon” Daniel Worden, Rochester Institute of Technology dxwind@rit.edu

“Trauma, Testimony, and the Art of Healing Through Auto/biographical Photography” Gina Snooks, Western U gsnooks@uwo.ca

“Trauma and Testimony: Deconstructing Sexual Violence Narratives in Contemporary Memoir” Amanda Spallacci, U of Alberta spallacc@ualberta.ca

Moderator: Leonor Arfuch

Panel 9: Embodying Affect in Graphic Lives – DB 1005 – Abstracts
“Loss Made Visible: Picturing Grief in the Graphic Memoirs of Roz Chast and Alison Bechdel” Heidi Bollinger, Eugenio María de Hostos Community College hebollinger@hostos.cuny.edu

“The Affective Topographies of Geneviève Castrée’s Graphic Life Narratives” Candida Rifkind, U of Winnipeg c.rifkind@uwinnipeg.ca

“The Un-erotic Dancer: Sylvie Rancourt’s Melody” Eleanor Ty, Wilfrid Laurier U ety@wlu.ca

“Lives at the End of the Line: Aging, Elegy, Comics, and Care” Kathleen Venema, U of Winnipeg k.venema@uwinnipeg.ca

Moderator: Sarah Brophy

Panel 10: Testimonial Writing Across the Americas – DB 0007 – Abstracts

“Milk Poems and Blood Poems: Autobiographical Poetry and the New Nicaraguan Woman” Lisa Ortiz-Vilarelle, The College of New Jersey ortiz@tcnj.edu

“‘It’s good that I write this down’: Caribbean Life Writing by Danticat, Marshall, and Nunez” Lisa R. Brown, U of West Indies at Mona chia@cwjamaica.com

“Mapping the Ineffaceable: Flesh and Paper as Inscriptive Sites of Pain in Eisha Marjara’s Faerie” Shamika Shabnam, McMaster U shabnams@mcmaster.ca

Moderator: Patrick D. M. Taylor

Panel 11: Claiming Agency in Health and Wellness Contexts – DB 0001 –  Abstracts
“Collections and Collaborations for Writing Black Women’s Wellness: Narratives of Practical Research, Pedagogy, and Practice” Stephanie Y. Evans, Clark Atlanta U sevans@cau.edu

“Creating Disabled Birth, Curing Capitalism: Reading Ina Mae Gaskin’s Spiritual Midwifery as Memoir-Meets-Manual” Ally Day, U of Toledo allyson.day@utoledo.edu

“Food in Contemporary Breast Cancer Narratives” Mathura Sabanayagam, U of Toronto Medical School mathura03@hotmail.com

Moderator: Elizabeth Podnieks

3:00 – 3:15 Coffee Break – DB 0001
3:15 – 4:45 Concurrent Panels

Panel 12: Poster Presentations – Accolade West 306 – Abstracts

“Becoming Decolonial: Autobiographical Art Practice as Place of Enunciation for Decolonial Selves” Manoela dos Anjos Afonso, Chelsea College of Arts manoanjosafonso@gmail.com

“Power and Representation in Life Histories: Between Absence and Presence” Maureen Bartz Szymczak maureenartz@gmail.com and Raquel ALS Venera raquelsenavenera@gmail.com, UNIVILLE Universidade

Moderator: Sergio da Silva Barcellos

Please note that the poster and video presentations will be on display in Accolade West throughout the conference.

Panel 13: Feminist Practices – DB 1005 – Abstracts
“Auto-Theory as an Emerging Mode of Feminist Practice Across Media” Lauren Fournier, York U lgfournier@gmail.com

“Burning the Boundaries of Political Action: Feminism, Anarchy, and Militancy in Anne Hansen’s Direct Action: Memoirs of an Urban Guerilla” Emma McKenna, McMaster U mckennej@mcmaster.ca

“Performing Feminism, Performing Testimony: Female Rap Artists from Latin America” Ana Nenadovic, Free U of Berlin Ana.Nenadovic@fu-berlin.de

Moderator: Helen Buss

Panel 14: Complex Relationalities – DB 0007 – Abstracts

“The Autobiographical Pack” Cynthia Huff, Illinois State U cahuff@ilstu.edu

“Geographies of Identity: Adoption Relationality and Bastard Nation” Emily Hipchen, U of West Georgia emilyhipchen@gmail.com

“Autobiographical Genre in the Age of Complexity: A Case Study of Neuro-Autobiographies” Andrea C. Valente, York U valent10@yorku.ca

Moderator: Laura J. Beard

Panel 15: Faith and Spiritual Nourishment – DB 0001 – Abstracts

“Writings of the Self through Mystical Experience within Santo Daime” Henrique de Oliveira Lee, U Federal do Mato Grosso holiveiralee@gmail.com

“Talismans and Fragments of Enslaved African Muslim Women in the Americas” Zeinab McHeimech, Western U mcheimech@gmail.com

Moderator: Joycelyn K. Moody

5:00 – 6:00 Panel 16: SNS Round Table: Collaboration – DB 0001Abstracts

“Theorizing Collaboratively–New Directions in Feminist Crip Life Writing Research Praxis” Allyson Day

“The Cancer Files: Embodiment in Letters and Visual Art” Diana Meredith

“Collaboratively Building a Supplemental Textbook” Laura Garcia de la Noceda Vazquez

“Collaboration as Resistance” Ricia Anne Chansky

“Letting Go of the Words” Linda Warely

“On Sharing Trust and Complicity” Cláudia Mariza Mattos Brandão and Teresa de Jesus Martins Lenzi

Moderator: Orly Lael Netzer, U of Aberta laelnetz@ualberta.ca

Free Evening

DAY THREE – Wednesday, MAY 17
8:30 – 10:00 PLENARY PANEL THREE: Reading the Archives and Beyond – DB 0010 – Abstracts

“‘The keenest, most intimate analysis’: Profiling Female Stars of the Silent Screen in Photoplay Magazine” Elizabeth Podnieks, Ryerson U lpodniek@ryerson.ca

“Jane Rule and the Archive: New Models for Researching Women’s Lives” Linda Morra, University College, Dublin linda.morra@ubishops.ca

“Frayed Edges: Mediating Women in Popular Culture” Rachel E. Dubrofsky, U of South Florida rdubrofsky@usf.edu

Moderator: Ricia Anne Chansky

10:00 – 10:15 Coffee Break – DB 0010
10:15 – 11:45 Concurrent Panels

Panel 17: Autobiography and the Black Female Body Politic: Illness, Singing, and Black Diasporic Subjectivity – DB 0010 – Abstracts
“Zilpha Elaw, Virginia Broughton, and Lessons on Illness and the Power of Spiritual Healing” Tomeiko Ashford Carter, Carolina Friends School tomeiko.carter@gmail.com

“Disruption: Maya Angelou and the Singing Body” Kimberly Burnett, U of North Carolina at Chapel Hill klburnett6@gmail.com

“Children of the Sea: Diasporic Consciousness in Edwidge Danticat’s Brother, I’m DyingAngela Ards, Southern Methodist U aards@mail.smu.edu

Moderator and Respondent: Mildred Mickle, U of Pennsylvania mrm33@psu.edu

Panel 18: Queer and Trans Lives – DB 1004 – Abstracts
“Trans/parent: The Politics of Transition” May Friedman, Ryerson U may.friedman@ryerson.ca

“Becoming Culturally (Un)Intelligible: Exploring the Terrain of Trans Life Writing” Evan Vipond, York U evipond@yorku.ca

“Transsexuality: A Lonely Journey of Identity” Suely da Fonseca Quintana, U Federal de São João del-Rei squintana@ufsj.edu.br

Moderator: Julie Rak

Panel 19: Performing Identities – DB 0015 – Abstracts

“Unmake Happy: Bo Burnham’s Madly Deviant DIY Identity Play” Adan Jerreat-Poole, McMaster U jerreata@mcmaster.ca

“‘Don’t Freaking Act Here! This is Reality!’: Reality Web Series Ultra Rich Asian Girls as Digital Autoethnography” Harmony Law, York U harmo62@yorku.ca

“‘You Bite It, You Write It:’ Confession in Compulsory Diet Discourse” Kate Browne, Illinois State U katebrowne09@gmail.com

Moderator: Emily Hipchen

Noon – 1:00 Lunch280N York Lanes
1:15 – 2:45 Concurrent Panels

Panel 20: Lives on Screen – DB 0010 – Abstracts
“Film Biography, Hagiography, and Gender—The Case of Biography Hawai’i” Craig Howes, U of Hawai’i at Mānoa craighow@hawaii.edu

Curumin: Bíos and Thanatos in Brazilian contemporary movies” Sergio da Silva Barcellos, Independent Scholar barcellossergio@aol.com

“Movie Talk: Affective Impressions of Celebrity Interviews on the Cinematic Experience” Dana Kathryn Gill, York U dana1980@yorku.ca

Moderator: May Friedman

Panel 21: Calls to Witnessing – DB 0013 – Abstracts

“Write Her Name: Re-Calling the Disappeared, Erased, and Unknown” Kari Winter, U at Buffalo, SUNY kwinter2@buffalo.edu

“#FreeBree as a ‘Relay of Witnessing’: Remediation, Crowdsourcing, and Activist Art” Sarah Brophy, McMaster U brophys@mcmaster.ca

“Can I Be a Witness? Reflections on Witnessing and Ethics from a Stó:lō Text” Laura J. Beard, U of Alberta lbeard@ualberta.ca

Moderator: Cynthia Huff

Panel 22: Pedagogical Autoethnographies – DB 0015 – Abstracts
“On Photo-graphy and Teacher (Self)Education” Cláudia Mariza Mattos Brandão, U Federal de Pelotas attos@vetorial.net, and Teresa de Jesus Martins Lenzi, U Federal do Rio Grande tlenzi.lenzi@gmail.com

“Pedagogical Autoethnography: Autoethnographic Research with Graduate Teaching Assistants in an ESL Environment” Laura Garcia de la Noceda Vasquez, U of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez laura.garcia3@upr.edu

“’Down the Rabbit Hole’: Building Self-Reflexive Pedagogy in Autobiographical Writing” Celia Ayala Lugo, U of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez celia.ayala@upr.edu

“Salud, género y trabajo docente en el medio rural: Conversaciones con mujeres profesoras de grupos multigrados en territorios rurales” Elizeu Clementino de Souza esclementino@uol.com.br and Rosiane Costa de Sousa rosicsousa@hotmail.com, U do Estado da Bahia

Moderator: Jennifer Sarah Cooper

Panel 23: Fluid Masculinities – DB 1004 Abstracts

“Auto/biography of a ‘Travesti’: Between Theatre and Literature” Alberto Ferreira da Rocha, Junior (Alberto Tibaji), U Federal de São João del-Rei tibaji.alberto@gmail.com

“Passing Out: How Space Functions in the Politics and Performance of Masculinity On and Offstage” Mark Broomfield, SUNY Geneseo broomfield@geneseo.edu

“Gendering Cancer, Engendering Masculinity: The Problem of Relationality in Harvey Singer’s Sir, You Have Breast Cancer! and Alan John’s The Lump” Krista Roberts, Illinois State U krober2@ilstu.edu

Moderator: Barbara McCaskill

2:45 – 3:00  Coffee Break – DB 0010
3:00 – 4:30 PLENARY PANEL FOUR: Marlene Kadar and the Next Generation – DB 0010 – Abstracts
“Unmaking of a Narrative Landscape: Life Writing with Refugees” Ozlem Ezer, U of California at Berkeley ozlemezer@berkeley.edu

“One Things Leads to Another: Archive, Fragment, Trace” Mark Celinscak, U of Nebraska, Omaha mcelinscak@unomaha.edu

“Poetry in Life Writing: The All We Can Know” M. Mary Khan, York U mustang@yorku.ca

Moderator: Eva C. Karpinski

6:30 Closing Dinner – Seymour Schulich Building
An art exhibition–as well as poster and digital presentations–will be on display throughout the symposium.

Exhibition – Winters Art Gallery


Detail from Forming 2, hand printed silkscreen comic by Eli Howey, 2016

Press Release

…outside the lines – an art exhibit in conjunction with “Lives Outside the Lines: Gender and Genre in the Americas, A Symposium in Honour of Marlene Kadar” at the Eleanor Winters Art Gallery, York University, May 15-19, 2017

Lines have been drawn to mark difference – to keep difference in line. But, what is a line when it is imagined as something in addition to a practice of division? The exhibit …outside the lines features 10 artists who represent the beyond and within of lines through their artistic practices. Moving across and blurring genres of gender, body, racialization, the aesthetic and queer/crip intersections of the arts support and optimally alter readings and renderings of lines. Artists: Yvonne Singer, Naz Rahbar, Martha Newbigging, Lindsay Fisher, JoAnn Purcell, Erin Vincent, Estée Klar, Ellen Bleiwas, Eli Howey, Diana Meredith

This exhibition is made possible in part by a grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council with support from The Centre for Feminist Research, and Gender Feminist and Women’s Studies and Critical Disability Studies.


Poster Presentations – Accolade West 306 – Abstracts

“Poder e representação em histórias de vida: entre ausências e presenças” Maureen Bartz Szymczak maureenartz@gmail.com and Raquel ALS Venera raquelsenavenera@gmail.com, UNIVILLE Universidade

“Becoming Decolonial: Autobiographical Art Practice as Place of Enunciation for Decolonial Selves” Manoela dos Anjos Afonso, Chelsea College of Arts manoanjosafonso@gmail.com

“Children in Activities of a Popular Central Trade Union in Brazil: The Implementation of a Gender Policy to Promote the Political Participation of Women in Social Movements” Ticyane Madeira Cavalcanti, Universidade Federal Fluminese ticyanemadeira@gmail.com

Digital Presentations – Accolade West 306 – Abstracts

“Split: Growing Up with Two Cultures, Two Languages, Two Families” Ana Karen Flores Trujillo, Southern Illinois U, Carbondale and U for Peace Costa Rica floresanak21@gmail.com

“Re/Constructing Testimonio across Borders: A Study of the Testimonial Practices in Telling to Live: Latina Feminist Testimonios” Ana Roncero-Bellido, Illinois State U aironce@ilstu.edu

“Amputated Body and Gender Construction” Samuel Kamara, Illinois State U sakamar@ilstu.edu

“‘My life would make a movie’: Border Areas between Reality and Fiction, Gender and Sexuality” Evanilson Gurgel de Carvalho Filho, U Federal do Rio Grande do Norte evan.gurgel@hotmail.com 

CFR logo

The Centre for Feminist Research at York University is pleased to present the 2017 International Auto/Biography Association Chapter of the Americas (IABAA) conference, “Lives Outside the Lines: Gender and Genre in the Americas, A Symposium in Honour of Marlene Kadar.”

“Lives Outside the Lines” has received generous support from a Connection Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), a/b Auto/Biography Studies, and York University: Department of Humanities; Graduate Program in Gender, Feminist, and Women’s Studies; School of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies; the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Research Event Fund; the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Canada @ 150 Fund; the Faculty of Graduate Studies; Office of the Vice President Academic & Provost; Office of the Vice President Research and Innovation; and, the Centre for Feminist Research. 


We are very grateful to Jennifer Sarah Cooper, Sergio da Silva Barcellos, Vitor de Aguiar Soares, Jarson Araújo, Clarice Dominguez, Lucas Facundes Carneiro, Juliana Geizy Marques de Souza, Lucas Victor de Oliveira, Igo Henrique de Oliveira Bilro, Demétrio M. da Silva, and Beatriz Vital for their work translating different elements of the program. Thank you!