Proposal Guidelines

The Steering Committee of the IABA Chapter of the Americas welcomes proposals for convening future conferences. If you are interested in convening a conference, please draft a proposal that addresses the following questions and email it to Ricia Chansky at

1.  Contact information of conference convener and co-conveners

2.  CV for convener and co-conveners

3.  Proposed dates

4.  Potential conference theme and rationale with suggestions for plenary speakers

5.  Proposed conference location, including proximity to airport, necessary ground transportation, and facilities to accommodate conference sessions and housing for conference attendees (i.e. proximity of hotels or dormitory space)

6.  Justification for convening conference at proposed location

7.  Is there adequate technology and technological support to support presenters at the proposed site?

8.  Is there the potential to accommodate attendees with disabilities and/or dietary restrictions at the proposed site?

9.  Will there be translation support available for presenters from across the Americas who wish to either submit abstracts and/or present their papers in a language other than English?

10.  Overview of possible sources of funding to support conference (i.e. internal university funding, in-kind funding, external funding, or income from registration)

11. Is there a means by which graduate students, independent or part-time scholars, and/or junior faculty members will be encouraged to participate (i.e. reduced registration, special sessions, or workshops)?